Archery Deer Hunt Rules and Regs

  1. After 10 bucks are taken. Then only antlerless deer will be harvested.

  2. Members MUST have completed the minimum "boxes" to participate in the hunt: IAW the ATC Meaford Rod & Gun Club Constitution (5 x activity boxes).

  3. All hunters will ensure that no Offal is left on or near roads or in any of the Bivi sites.

  4. The Hunting Director, through a lottery system, will allocate hunting areas. The Hunting Director MUST approve any and all changes.

  5. A maximum of two hunters may hunt in the same area.

  6. Upon success you must remove your stand and all marking tape immediately.

  7. Remove all marking tape. (Area is becoming very colourful).

  8. Individuals WILL HARVEST their own deer during the Archery season.

  9. Once you have harvested your animal, your hunt is over. Your area now becomes an OPEN area, unless you are teamed up with someone else.

  10. All hunters MUST sign in and out through Range Control each time they enter or leave the Training Area. All vehicle passes must be turned in when leaving the base.

  11. Hunters WILL IMMEDIATELY tag animals on site. Complete registration will take place at the wash rack. This will be a self weigh in system. All deer must be weighed, aged, sexed and scored.

  12. Access to the Hunting area will be 2 hours before first light and all hunters must be clear of the area no later than 2 hours after last light. If a deer has been shot at last light a hunter has 2 hours to inform Range Control through the use of the safety phones in the Training Area. Assistance may be received from Patrollers or other Hunters, if requested POLITELY.

  13. Emergency phones may be used in emergencies. It is recommended to carry your personal cell phones in case of emergencies.

  14. All hunters will comply with the rules and regulations of the Fish and Game Act.

  15. All hunters MUST be familiar with their areas and its boundaries. If there is any confusion contact the Hunting Director for clarification. Coordination with adjacent hunters is an ethical practice. It is your responsibility to make sure you are in the right area.

  16. Lending hunting areas is not permitted unless authorized by Hunting Director.

  17. At no time will any hunter go into another hunter's area without coordination and approval by Hunting Director, even if tracking an animal.

  18. ALL Military training will take precedence. Hunters will yield to the direction of the Range Control.

  19. Areas that are inactive for 2 weeks may become open areas. If you loose your area you can only hunt spare areas.

  20. Must submit Grid ref to Hunt Master for stand location. (This is for Range Control safety issues).

  21. Use of ATV's is only permitted if you have the authority of the Range Control Patroller on duty. (taking in and out your stand, traveling to and from stand and hauling your deer out).

  22. There will be no jumping fences anywhere in the Training Area.

  23. Hunt ETHICALLY and SAFE. Make sure shots and clean quick kills.