Turkey Hunt Rules Regs

Wild Turkey Hunting Rules and Regulations V1

  1. All participants MUST be members in good standing.
  2. Maximum of 25 turkeys will be taken from the 4 Cdn Div TC training Area during the annual Turkey Hunt.
  3. All participants must complete a Skill at Arms Qualification Range to be eligible to hunt turkey.
  4. You can only harvest one turkey from the 4 Cdn Div Training Area. Once you have done this, you are permitted to re-enter the Training Area to assist or call for another hunter. You CANNOT carry a firearm once you have tagged your bird and you CANNOT harvest a bird for another hunter using their firearm. If you wish to harvest your second turkey then it must be done off base.
  5. The Hunting Director through the Associate Rep by way of a lottery system will allocate hunting areas and days. The draw will occur after you qualify. You must have a partner or one will be picked for you. These are the only approved areas. Once areas are assigned, hunters will not be permitted to change areas, personnel or allotted days. If a bird is harvested the notice board must be updated at Range Control, very similar to archery hunt.
  6. A minimum of two hunters will hunt the same area. Hunters must coordinate with one another in respect to hunting their area.
  7. All users of this Training Area must follow ALL BASE policies and will comply with the Rules and Regulations of the Fish and Game Act.
  8. All Hunters WILL sign in and out through Range Control each time they enter or leave the Training Area. All vehicle passes must be turned in when leaving the Base and notification of success of hunt.
  9. Hunters WILL IMMEDIATELY tag birds on site. Honorary weigh system will be excepted unless you want to challenge for the largest turkey. Registration then will take place immediately after leaving Range Control at Watson's Tackle House. All Junior hunters will have their turkeys weighed at Watson's. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  10. Access to the Hunting Area will be 1 HOUR before first light and all hunters must be clear of the Training Area by 19:30 hours.
  11. All hunters must be familiar with their areas and their boundaries. If there is any confusion contact the Associate Rep for clarification.
  12. ALL military training will take precedence. Hunters will yield to the direction of Range Control.
  14. Hunt ETHICALLY and SAFE. Make sure shots and clean quick kills.